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    good luck


    Good luck on 22nd December. I have been using my CPAP (from Papworth) since 5 November and have done better than I thought, other than a few days when a cold and the face mask did not seem compatible, I will spare the full explanation as I am sure you can imagine what the consequences are.

    I would recommend the following:

    1. While you are at Papworth try both the full face mask and just the nazal version, even if you sleep with your mouth open normally it is worth a try.
    2. Also ask for a humidifier. I needed one after a few days as it tends to dry your mouth out without it for example. You need distilled water for it. Papworth posted mine after a few days, no charge for any of the equipment of course.
    3. Also if you travel abroad ask for a letter you can show security at airports, they have them in various languages. I have flown twice with mine in hand luggage without any problem.

    Not the xmas pressie you had in mind I guess,but it shoudl prove to the best you may get, you will be surprised how much better you feel after just one nights better sleep that the CPAP should provide. Whilst wearing a mask at night is not anyones preferred mode of dress I can assure you the very mild discomfort you bare for a few minutes before getting off to sleep is well worth how much better you feel in the morning.

    I have found I only wake up once or twice instead of three or four times before and cannot believe how it has changed my quality of life already. My appetite has reduced, I am not exhausted all the time, therefore have energy for exercise (rare for me in recent years indeed). My GP has confirmed my blood pressure has reduced and if it is still lower in Jan and I have lost some more weight he will reduce the medication I am on.

    I hope this provides some reassurance and I can confirm the staff at Papworth are excellent and are very helpful whilst you attend for CPAP fitting and are easily contacted by phone for later advice.

    Best of luck



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      will letyou know how it goes


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        i was in there 2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea i stopped breathing 32 times i am going back 0n the 30th to start treatment


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          for info for other papworth visitors - I've had a great experience with them.

          Went to my GP about snoring end of Oct, got an appt with them in early Dec, went in to get a finger oxygen monitor and computer - slept with it on overnight at home, then went back to get the results the next day.

          As it looked initially as if my apnea was moderate- they offered me a place on the study there for the mouth guards. I got an appt quickly for the study - got a bigger kit to trial at home, then they realised it was severe - which was just before xmas last year.

          Told it would be about six weeks, I got an appt within two for a sat night - and went in last week.

          I was quite unsure about how it was going to go - but was in a six bed little ward of women, some with some quite severe problems. The curtain offered a good amount of privacy, and i was given my machine for an afternoon play, offered plentiful (ok) food and drink, and kind attention.

          The next day it wasn't too long a wait till i got my print out and was sprung.

          There was no bedside tv in the ward i was in - or radio - so i got through 7 books in the down time. there is a day room but it's quite uninspiring.

          Overall a very positive experience.