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  • Papworth

    Hi has anyone else been to Papworth.

    I had my sleep study at home and was told at Northampton General that I had mild symptoms went to papworth for a sleep study and have yet to see my consultant....

    everyone else went home with results that day i have spent ages on the phone to the secretary (in fact i might add her on to my xmas card list) and been told that I have moderately sever sleep apnea. she said that i have to go back into clinic but as yet have no date..

    how long does it normally take to get to see someone and get treatment started?



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    went to Papworth on 2 Nov was diagnosed with OSA. Got a cancellation for 5 November, very lucky I guess, suggest you call them and ask for cancellation assuming you are on their list.

    Will post and let you know how it went, a bit nervous but very hopeful this will lead to a better quality of life for me and my wife who has shares in an earplug manufacturer.



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      To make it clear, will be fitted with CPAP 5 Nov pm/night, not sure what else in store for me.

      Normal wait is 6 weeks without getting a cancellation, hope this helps.



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        i went on the 23rd september for my sleep study rang them numerous times and was told that my results were still in the sleep centre. when i finally got my results they told me via the secretary that is was moderately severe osa and that they were getting me in asap. still not heard anything

        will ring and bug them tomorrow


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          I have say the secretary at the clinic was fine, but my experience originally speaking to Papworth for appointments was not good.

          They seem to prefer not to give an appointment over the phone but write to you, in my case they kept picking dates that I could not make, at the 3rd attempt of getting an appointment I wss told "its three strikes and your out, you better go back to your Dr and get another letter and start again" now I was not missing apointments here just trying to agree one in advance when I was in the country - my job takes me away a lot. So this caused me a unecessary delay in diagnosis and treatment.

          Your wait is far to long I think something has gone wrong with their admin' so I suggest you call to get an appointment and ask about cancellations and can they call you if they have one - assuming you can be flexible. I would try and a get a date over the phone don't accept "we will write to you".

          Good luck let me know what happens.



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            i have rung and got a date of 24th Novemeber for an appointment to se him


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              What is it?

              Hi emmjem

              What is your avatar, please? A zither? Doing the washing-uo? Perfectly clear but my new specs aren't so good?

              I'd love to know!

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                its a picture of a guitar from metallica


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                  Glad you have your appointment. I attended last night. Went in at 2.30pm 5.11.10 was out by 9.15am this morning.

                  Very relaxed experience the staff are great. I was in a room with 3 other men, think there was a similar room for women, all very modern and comforatble, own TV (no cost to use) payphone at bedside, mobile signal very weak to non existant. Food OK.

                  You need to pay at car park so take 5 in coins for 24 hours.

                  Was shown how to use CPAP on arrival and left to practice taking on and off until bed time. All four us in the room were reputed to be gold medal standard snorers but with CPAP we were all silent - Four happy wives tonight I hope..

                  The CPAP machine issued is modern/new, a REMstar M series so look this up, they discuss with you whether you need a full face mask or just a nose mask, I went for full face as I get a stuffy nose often at night.

                  We all felt better even after our first night with CPAP, which is not as uncomfortable as you may think so good luck for your visit. You can still ring regularly and ask for any earlier cancellations I guess.



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                    they said mine is an outpatient appointment they havent said anything about staying in


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                      I had the out patient appointment on 2nd Nov they said I needed a CPAP machine, I went to the reception desk and the girl called and go me a cancellation for the 5th and I walked out on the 6th set up with the CPAP.

                      Good luck.


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                        It is always worth stating that you can fill a cancellation at short notice as they do happen (as long as you can that is) and it could speed up your waiting times
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                          well i go for my outpatients appointment tomorrow and i dont know what to expect the secretary had already told me i have severe sleep apnea but bit worried about going tomorrow for outpatients


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                            ok well i have my results!!!! well the lovely pink lines which represents pauses inbreathin was actually a pink bar with me. have to wait for a appointment for cpap


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                              have my appointment for the 22nd decemember....