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Help please as I am wriitng a book

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  • Help please as I am wriitng a book

    I am Garth Howell, live in the UK and am a OSA sufferer and am on CPAP treatment.
    Becoming aware of how under diagnosed sleep apnea is and how dangerous the condition is I decided to write a book about and have published it as an Amazon Kindle book and a paperback via Amazon Createspace and it is titled All you need to know.... about Sleep Apnea by Garth Howell and can be viewed on Amazon by going to the Kindle store and selecting Garth Howell.

    I am now looking to produce a book about the experiences of OSA sufferers. I am seeking information about symptoms, diagnosis treatment, how they were handled and particularly about treatment, the success and whether they are comfortable with it. I would like information from those who may have experienced Provent Technology.

    Interestingly I was talking to my Doctor yesterday and telling him about this project. His view was that it could be a helpful resource.

    Naturally, your answers would never be linked to your name and those contributing will receive a comlimentary copy of the book once it is published.
    If you would like to receive my questionnaire please send me an e-mail at I will send it out to within 24 hours.
    Thank you.
    Garth Howell

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    You must have one of those rare doctors if he said that, mine accused all forums of being full of dangerous information and should be given a wide birth