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  • Sleep Hygiene

    Only recently encountered this term, or at least came to understand what was involved.

    My own routine includes no TV in the bedroom, and not watching TV or a computer for half an hour before bed.

    No caffeine or alcohol or food before bed.

    Keeping the bedroom airy and at a not too hot or cold tempertaure.

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    Add , make sure you have comfy pillows.....any time i'm travelling that's my bugbear. Got my home ones bashed into perfect shape for neck position with mask on and spend nights in hotels trying to beat their pillows into shape. Also don't read anything so interesting in bed that you want to stay up and finish it.


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      That makes me a real dirty old man then. Before I turn out the lights I check my phone turn off the tv, turn on the radio set my phone alarm and stick in my ear plugs to listen to music and to drown out the tv which the Mrs likes to have on during the night, Oh and I nearly forgot turn my kindle off.

      Windows open as I like my bedroom below freezing, there is no such thing as too cold.


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        Regular bed time and regular rising time. Exercise. Eating green stuff.
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          hotel pillows

          I spend quite a few nights in UK hotels as I play in Bridge tournaments several weekends a year. However, since I normally travel by car, I simply take my Tempur pillow with me. The furthest it has been is Carcassonne in South West France.
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            Sleep Tips

            Hello all,

            I'm Darren and I am the newbie at Intus. I just wanted to run through the route for keeping good sleep hygiene, most of you have touched on them all already.

            1.Keep a regular bedtime, wake time and avoid napping during the day. We all like our rhythms and routine in life, with sleep it should be no different.

            2.Avoid the call of caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. Caffeine keeps us awake we all know and alcohol also negatively impacts our sleep rhythm.

            3.Good to have a light small snack near bedtime so that your tummy isn't completely empty but don't go crazy with a 4course meal at 11pm and avoid anything too spicy.

            4. Exercise during the day should help you snooze off in the evening but try to avoid any strenuous exercise 3-4hrs before bedtime.

            5. Your bed is for sleeping in and sometimes one other thing. It is not the place to watch TV, do your work or eat your dinner.

            6. Try some relaxation techniques before going to bed, find out what works for you.

            7. Get plenty of sunshine in your eyes as you wake up the following morning.

            Hope this helps all of you