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  • I'm not trying to post in every category but..

    A snoring related question now! I am still snoring a bit with the cpap machine, so I rang Papworth and they've talked me through turning up the pressure a tad.

    When it's all going tickety-boo - will i be pretty much guaranteed no snoring while I'm cpaping? or is it reasonable to still expect a bit?

    Thank you!

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    According to my husband, my snoring has stopped completely most of the time and if I do snore a bit (when I have a cold for example) he says it is so quiet compared with before CPAP that he can ignore it. It certainly is not loud enough to wake him up but he usually comes to bed after me and I am always fast asleep. He claimed that the snoring used to be so loud he could not get to sleep! No problems now though!

    You will certainly get good nights and bad nights but on the whole I think you can be reasonably sure that you will not have snoring problems!

    Good luck!


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      I've just consulted The Oracle and she pretty much guarantees that you will not snore - provided you lose enough weight, don't drink alcohol and a couple of dozen other well known, guaranteed to make you snore behaviours.

      Respironics REMstar 'M' Series APAP.
      Resmed Mirage 'Quattro FX' Full Face Mask with a 'Quattro' headgear.


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        I didnt think it was possible to snore with your mask on?


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          Still Snoring

          CPAP as a treatment for OSA, is also a treatment for snoring which is used privately in other countries such as New Zealand.

          If you are still snoring while using CPAP then the most likely cause is that your pressure is not high enough.

          Another possibility is that your OSA and snoring is positional based and only becomes severe once you are on your back. So your pressure needs to be higher when you are on your back or you should avoid sleeping on your back possibly by using a positional sleep aid.