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Epilepsy and snoring

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  • Epilepsy and snoring

    My partner who snores he got tested for sleep apnea, because i have it i saw signs of it in him also,he was told he had it slightly, but he's in no need for a machine and just to keep an eye over it.He not over weight at all he over 6ft tall and very slim. Only just come to me does anyone know if epilepsy and snoring is linked and is this why he has sleep apnea slightly?. I did try to look on line but i cant seem to find anything (unless i am looking in the wrong place) but im new still to having someone with epilepsy we only been together 3ys been living for 2,1/2years,but when i asked him he not sure has the DR's never mention about it ever in his life,no did they mention about him having epilepsy and snoring at the sleep clinic when we got his results has it was done very fast over the phone.

    So he got his own back now on me,i use to keep him awake at night snoring, now i had my machine for 2years its his turn to wake me wile he snores
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    Just a thought but when I was in pre machine, full locomotive engine noise mode, my wife was using an earplug called Q plug, comes off those stands where you get holiday stuff and it made the snoring bearable at a range of approx 12 inches. Had tried shotgun ones and those big yellow plugs with no luck. Maybe different plugs cut out diff frequencies but they worked pretty well, if they hadn't she would have killed me after about year 3. Maybe 2 , possibly week 4.


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      The best frequency for blocking out noise is from a desk fan or one on a stand, no matter what the weather mine fan is always blowing even in winter