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The Big CPAP Success Thread - Must Read for Newbies!

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    Just an update. Four - or is it 5? - nights in and my AHI is stable at 1.1. I'm definitely more refresshed in the morning and last night I slept right through for the very first time in ages.

    A teeny bit of pressure pain in one nostril - I'm using the Res-Med, Swift FX pillow mask - but nothing of any import. Other than that, all is working well.

    My OH is not bothered by the gentle hiss of the air and the waft of the machine. Though, saying that, she was never bothered by my snoring before either, bless her.

    I'm genuinely excited about this and now look at my machine somewhat with affection, rather than dread.

    What a difference a week makes.


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      Very lucky !

      I feel so lucky.

      I was diagnosed in 2007 and was given a CPAP on a Friday for the weekend and back to the clinic on the Monday. I told them on Monday I wasn't going to let them have it back ! It transformed my life from night one. Suddenly I was sleeping all through the night, not nodding during the day and was soooooo much less grumpy. Oh, and my husband could now sleep in the knowledge I was breathing all the time !

      Now, 5+ years on I still have great sleep and have never had any problems with the machines or masks (nose only for me). I really do feel lucky when I read about other people's struggles but newbies need to know there are immediate success stories.

      My machine has travelled with me all over this country, Europe, States, Canada and China and no problems with electrics or flights but I'm just off to ask a question about using it in an American RV......


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        I've been using "Sleepyhead" software to analyse the data from my CPAP machine (very easy to do, no expertise required).
        It tells me I've been using the machine 153 days and my "AHI" is 1.84 which is very good and basically means I'm sleeping like a lamb. I've lost 5Kgs in that time and I'm not feeling sleepy during the day anymore. I visited this forum because I had a couple of niggles, but with this forums help, I got through them pretty quickly. So I would say overall, its been an overwhelmingly positive experience.


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          After years of keeping my husband awake with my snoring cpap has changed all this. I have really bad asthma and been quite ill for the last 2 years. My consultant changed my medication and then did an overnight sleep test. I was given cpap machine which has made a great difference to my breathing and I have more energy and don't snore anymore. I got used to using the machine and mask quite easily and wouldn't be without it now after using it for 5 months.


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            Hi Judith, welcome to hoseheads anonymous. Glad you are having a good experience on cpap, its always good to hear successful stories as well as problems.


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              Hi Judith, great news on the CPAP

              Always good to hear from those that get on, as well as those with problems
              S2S - Sleep2Snore


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                Thanks Martin and sleep to snore:


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                  I have read through all the posts and agree with everybody, getting used to a CPAP is a work in progress, in the beginning I found the mask an intrusion into my life, I looked at the machine on my bedside table and hated it I also felt trepidation using it with my husband around (this is maybe a female foible), he assured me it was no problem he would rather I used the mask than hear me snoring and gasping for breath all night, and I was thankful I no longer got shaken by him every time he heard me stop breathing. I would wait till I was really sleepy after reading for a while then switch the light off and then don the mask, and when I woke after an amazing good nights sleep I would whip it off quick sharp. That was over a year ago and I am now friends with my machine and mask, and I know that since I use it I wake up feeling refreshed and know that I have had a really good night rest, (so does my husband) So to all of you who are just starting out just persevere it does get better, you will have some hiccups i.e correct mask fittings etc but I am sure you will find many of your questions answered here on the forum.


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                    I came on here about 5 years ago, pregnant, recently diagnosed and not getting on at all well with my CPAP machine. I could barely even wear the thing awake without panicking and certainly couldn't sleep in it. I got some really nice supportive messages here but I'm afraid to say that I gave up and took my machine back to the hospital. I tried to use a mandibular advancing device but kept waking up with it out - having taken it out in my sleep!

                    I needed to have a big operation in 2014 and my consultant was pretty up-front about the post-anaesthetic risks of sleep apnoea if I wasn't using a machine. So, six months before I had the operation, I bit the bullet, got back in touch with the sleep medicine department and got another machine. They gave me one with variable pressure and a humidifier (a rather elderly one as they usually only give out CPAPs) and I set my mind to getting used to it. It took a couple of weeks of determination and wearing it while awake for a while at the very start but I got there.

                    Another year on and I can honestly say that I prefer sleeping with my mask and machine on - I find it comfortable and comforting. I sleep better, so does my husband and my wee boy (the one I was pregnant with when I was diagnosed!) has got used to it too. I have high blood pressure, treated with medication, but I have noticed a drop and a stabilisation in that since using the machine and for the first time since I was diagnosed with hypertension, my levels are pretty consistently under 120/80. I am SO pleased I managed to get used to the machine - I only wish I had followed the advice here and done it 5 years ago!!


                    • Glad to see you have finally concord your fears.using the machine.
                      The APAP does help I think, but it is amazing what you can do if needs must.
                      Well done you.

                      S2S - Sleep2Snore


                      • We are thrilled to see that so many people in the OSA/CPAP community are supporting each other with their CPAP compliance. It is very heart-warming to see that so many OSA sufferers are finally getting a better night's sleep, and their partners too through CPAP use. We were also amused to see the amount of comments that show how our patients have accustomed their CPAP machine into their lives, to the point of it being "a part of the family". We loved reading all of the names you have come up with for your CPAP machine (ET was possibly the funniest). We encourage silly CPAP names, as long as we can see that you're complying with your treatment and feeling the great benefits that CPAP therapy has to offer! Perhaps it's time to adopt a new CPAP mask into the family and give it a new name -


                        • hope this is worth putting on here for any "newbys",I have been using a sleep cube for about 6 years and can honestly say it improved both my sleep and waking hours from virtually day one, yes , it is a bit daunting at first, however,persevere, and you will definitely feel the benefits from your new mask and sleep friend, also, If my wife is anything to go by, your partner will also be getting a good nights sleep, well I no longer keep her awake with my " evil snoring" which was why she first got me to have a sleep apnia review at our doctor, Lum


                          • Yes, it will make such a difference to you and your partner.
                            The biggest hurdle is getting a mask that suits you best, but if anyone persists they will find all the benefits using a CPAP/APAP machine.
                            Oh, there are small problems when you are traveling etc, but the health benefits it brings you is well worth persisting.
                            It certainly changed my life and turned it around.
                            If you have the symptoms, go get yourself checked out. If you are sure you have Sleep Apnoea, get referred to a Sleep Clinic.

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