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    S9 & Hi5

    Hello to you guys, think this is the place to ask my question.

    I have S9 & Hi5 + climateline hose, I am new to this and only had the units for about a week, I have Climate control on the S9 set to auto & temp is set to the highest level @ 30 c, I am using a full face mask.

    The problem I have is if it is a problem, when I wake in the morning the plastic container with the water in(in Hi5) is full of condensation - is this normal.


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      Sleep Oils

      Just a quick one, could someone point me in the direction of the sleep oils, I have looked on Intus website & in there shop. I am in the UK if this makes any difference.


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        Hi abradd55 I have used the same set up as you for the past couple of years or so and yes I also get condensation in the water tank, you must remember that there is a heater element under the tank that heats the water so its only natural to have condensation.

        I have my temp set to 26 deg as any higher and i seemed to be swallowing all the time, as the higher temp was making my mouth too wet, and from memory the manufactures recommend 27 deg as the optimum setting.

        I wish you luck with your cpap, it takes time but well worth it, my reading is now 0.0


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          i just put a few menthol crystals in my humidifier water..... nice minty smell and keeps my nose clear all night,,,,
          After 4 years or so of this every night ive never had any problems.. or adverse reactions with the machine or mask...
          machine still runs like new and masks last 12 months till i see my clinic and get a new one..

          plus menthol crystals are cheapo and last ages


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            OMG! I read that as Crystal Meth.
            I must stop speed reading.
            S2S - Sleep2Snore


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              Hi first time posting have had dry mouth even when humidifier and climateline tubing fitted humidifier set at 18 on my res med air sense machine .What do I need to do to remedy this and cure dry mouth.


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                Good Morning

                Thank you for your post.

                Can you confirm the humidifier settings you have on your machine, and what they are set at, as you mentioned your humidifier was set at 18. Yet the manual advises the Humidity Level can be switched to off or between 1 and 8, where 1 is the lowest humidity setting.

                Which type of mask are you using? A full face mask?