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    Hi all Im new to the forum and sleep apnea testing. I just got done doing a at home sleep study now I did find it a bit hard to get to sleep with it all on but I think i did manage to fall asleep between 3am and 5 or 6 then at 7 till about 8.30 when the machine finished. Did anyone else have this same experience with the test like thinking probably over thinking to much but then getting some "sleep"? and getting a apnea diagnoses? I suffer from all the symptoms with waking up feeling horrible no sleep feeling, dry VERY dry mouth and throat hard to breathe when laying down without four pillows eyes, big dark eyes.

    I think I'm worrying that i didnt get enough sleep for it to show on the test i guess i suffer a little of anxiety prob from lack of sleep.

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    It is very common for people to find it hard to sleep, so don't panic about that. They usually get just about enough data to see where you are.
    Best of luck.
    S2S - Sleep2Snore