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Sleep test, how long?

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  • Sleep test, how long?

    I suffer from high blood pressure due to a kidney problem I have had since birth. I did a 24 hour blood pressure test and it was found that my blood pressure was just as high at night as it was during the day (still really high) which confused my consultant. So he consulted another about the results and they came to the conclusion that I probably have obstructive sleep apnea as it would explain why I have tiredness even in the morning (no matter how long I have slept), I struggle to get up in the morning, my mood can be unpredictable sometimes and I snore plus several other things like my blood pressure. He sent a letter to the sleep clinic about getting me an overnight test but I haven't heard anything and that was 2 months or ago. How long did you guys have to wait for your test if you got one? Reading some of the side effects of the condition make me keen to get this dealt with as soon as possible. Thanks for reading

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    Took me a while to be seen, maybe a couple of months, but I had to wait a couple of months before that as had to go to ENT!
    But once I was seen I was dealt with next day, but that was before Sleep Clinics were busy.
    Ask your Gp to chase it up.
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