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Help interpret data from Weinmann SomnoSmart2

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  • Help interpret data from Weinmann SomnoSmart2

    I have one week to try the machine and last night was my first night on CPAP. This is machine is on loan to me and others patients had used it too.

    My doctor is on seminar somewhere and I am also out of the country. Can someone interpret what the figures mean. Especially, is the machine compensating for my Apnea. I am male and I use a face mask that exclude the mouth (not full)

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    Sleep tight! Those figures say you are doing very well indeed!
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      Hi Ale.... not sure if thats short for Alec or you have ale in the humidifier. Welcome to the forum, sorry but I'm not a number cruncher..(I tend to lean to if it works leave well alone) but I'm sure some of the tech heads will pop in at some point and explain the graphs, if not ask your sleep clinic , they are pretty helpful, at least mine is. It takes a while to find out what works for you and some nights its a very disappointing wrestle with the face mask but its a great therapy once you get used to it and your machine will become your best friend.....


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        Thanks for the replies guys.

        Ale is the name -=- acronym of my name, middle and last name.

        And yes I will be coming back to the sleep clinic on the 22 of this month. In the mean time I appreciate any user comments about how I am doing base on the graph.

        I feel much better after 2 days on cpap. Tonight I will fix the hose with a rubber band because the mask I am using does not have a built-in feature to fix the hose in place so it moves around.

        The leakage last night was 27%.
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