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    Hi folks,
    I've just completed a night trial in St Vincents Private Hospital in Dublin on an S9 with a Mirage Micro mask. Can't say I slept much that night to be honest with the different surroundings and the consciousness of the mask and S9. But the consultant informed me that there were no records of Apnoeas that night and the pressure needed to prevent me stop breathing was remarkably low.
    OK - if I don't sleep much that's a good reason. But what I found was that if I stopped breathing for more than 5 seconds the machine would pulse which brought me back to consciousness and I started breathing. I don't believe I have OSA more of a hypopnea condition.
    I'm going on a iCH APAP from Apex for a month with the Mirage Micro mask and I've to return the results then to the clinic. Is this a normal experience after a trial on a machine? And is this the normal method (pulsing) for an APAP to "encourage" breathing?