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Sleep Self-Tracking with Zeo and other tools

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  • Sleep Self-Tracking with Zeo and other tools

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to post this link to a new blog by one of the Zeo users who is keenly exploring all sorts of angles and sleep issues.

    You can find him on Twitter too:!/Hypnagog

    Like some of you here, he has become quite the amateur-professional sleep tech and doesn't take any short cuts in tracking all sorts of parameters.

    Keep an eye on his blog, I'm sure there will be many interesting approaches to sleep improvement, including apnoea.

    And also see the sleep graphs people post on the Zeo Facebook wall:

    We'll pull together some CPAP/Apnoea specific content together for the forums and CPAP blog soon too.

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    Many thanks, this is useful.
    We might need some tips though James on interior decor, as with my CPAP, Oximeter, and Zeo my bedroom is starting to look like Frankenstein's laboratory!