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Episodes of not breathing during night

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  • Episodes of not breathing during night

    I saw consultant yesterday and was told I have times of not breathing 390 times each night. I usually sleep 6 hours each night, so that means I have instances of not breathing 65 times per hour. He said that is why I feel so tired during the day. I have lost 6 and a half lbs so far via weight watchers and want to lose more weight. This condition is related to being obese so it will help me to lose quite a lot of weight.

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    65 An hour is severe OSA (if the events were desaturations, or apnoea or hypopnoea events). Loosing the weight will do you the world of good but do consider treatment in the meanwhile. There's not necessarily a linear relation between the events per hour and the weight lost. Some drop to a BMI below 25 and still have OSA, which would still put you (and others) at risk.

    I'd try and get CPAP, which will give you more energy to continue loosing the weight.


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      My sleep study revealed 21 arousals from apnea/per hour which put me in the low range of moderate sleep apnea. I was started on CPAP just under 2 months ago.

      Treatment is not without it's difficulties but considering the health risks of leaving it untreated...well there's no question.

      I'm sure your Doctor will initiate treatment and like James, I totally agree it's needed. Good luck and don't feel like you're alone...there are lots of us hoseheads out here willing to help.

      PS Good luck with weight now have some serious motivation. I've lost 20 pounds in 3 months.