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Cpap For 30 Month Old

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  • Cpap For 30 Month Old

    my son will be having another sleep study done to get prescribed with a cpap machine. he has been diagnosed with severe obstructive apnea. How will I ever get a 30 month son to tolerate such a device. Anyone with similar experience? Need help

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    Hi Chrystel, I hadn't seen your post before, sorry for the late reply.

    We're mostly concerned here with adult sleep apnoea here on the forums but there are young children on CPAP and there are petite masks for them. How exactly to train them to stick with it I don't know unfortuately.


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      He/She is still very young. Hope you can get to it. It's very hurtful to see your child so young caring that kind of disorder. But we must be strong for them. Take good care of your child.


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        How You Feel is Reflected


        Very sorry to hear of someone so young suffering with this - the only things that may encourage the little one is making it part of a routine game and keeping positive - however hard that is.

        Our kids pick up all our body signals and undertone messages so even if we are "saying" the right thing if we feel differently inside they get the opposite message - so a lot of the success or not may depend on us not the child.

        I really feel for your situation - keep us posted

        Hope this helps you and yours

        Take care