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Sleep Apnoea no more after Weight Loss

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  • Sleep Apnoea no more after Weight Loss

    Hi everybody,

    This is a copy of the post I made in the Introductions area -

    I was diagnosed sometime in 2010, and used a CPAP machine for several years. I was told that I have so much neck that it was constricting the airflow when I slept resulting in Sleep Apnoea. What with not getting enough sleep anyway, with loads of daily driving and can active young growing up child - it was a nightmare, on top of that I was diagnosed with Diabetes. - 3 doses of Metformin a day. They strongly recommended that i lose a little bit of weight in order to keep diabetes under control.

    Between 2011 and 2015, I made massive lifestyle changes and controlled my diet, I started exercising initially walking daily, and in 2014 I started running 3 times a week. I came down from 100 kg in 2009 to 70 kg in 2015. My Metformin doses reduced from 3 to 2 to 1, and as of September 2015, I no longer take medication for my Diabetes.

    In January this year, I asked for and got an appointment with the Respiratory department of Heartlands Hospital, and they gave me an Oximeter to wear overnight and sleep at home and return in the next day.

    Within a few weeks, I was asked to come in for a consultation, and I was told my Sleep Apnoea had gone. It was barely 3 occurrences for the whole night, and they don't consider that significant. I was asked to hand in my CPAP machine there and then. The Hospital has issued me a letter and asked me to forward to the DVLA as well, to remove the medical condition listing from my licence records.

    It took about 6 years and a massive amount of work, but it has paid results,.

    I hope this helps someone.

    PS - I run my first ever Half Marathon on Oct 16th. 3 years ago, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without having a nervous breakdown

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    Hi picadillyjim

    Welcome back! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with the CPAP community.

    We love hearing stories like this and it just enforces how important it is to make those healthy lifestyle changes and to continue using therapy daily.

    If anyone needs help making healthy lifestyle changes, please visit - full of nutrition, medical and exercise advice!

    I think your post will really inspire many CPAP users to continue using their therapy and show them that with the right commitment and attitude, you can reduce your sleep apnoea symptoms, or in your case, cure it!

    Does anyone else have any similar success stories with using CPAP therapy?


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      Well done and on running the half marathon.
      S2S - Sleep2Snore


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        Originally posted by Sleep2Snore View Post
        Well done and on running the half marathon.
        Thank you :-)


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          Thanks, Ellen.