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    Hello everyone. I have been on CPAP machine since past one year . I have a philips respronics given by NHS.I have tried contacting the CPAP nurse practitioner regarding the new safety alert issued by Philips and haven't received a specific answer. I was wondering if anyone has bought another cpap machine and if yes the which one. Kindly help.

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    I wrote a post about this here and also made a video on the topic.

    I do understand why people are worried but you need to understand the problem.

    Firstly, The most concerning chemicals are dimethyl diazine and phenol. These dissipate after the first 24 hours of out-of-box use. After 24 hours, they are not detectable. So it’s only a concern for brand new machines that haven’t been used.

    To get the other chemicals, the foam needs to fail. According to MHRA, the UK doesn’t have the climate to cause this. You need to have both a hot and humid climate to trigger it. So unless you sleep in your greenhouse to keep your tomatoes company, or you travel a lot with your machine, you are probably safe. (If you use ozone, I have no idea how it will impact the foam, but ozone destroys everything regardless of brand. If you’ve used ozone, the risk may be a lot higher even if you later stopped. I have no data to help on this front.)

    If the foam degrades, it will create diethylene glycol, but this is in the margin of safety.

    It will also create 2 other by-products if the foam degrades. These are listed as IARC group 2b carcinogens. (limited evidence of carcinogenicity)

    Toluene diamine, a colourless to brown, needle-shaped crystals or powder. It is not classifiable as to the carcinogenicity to humans. You’ve most likely come into contact before if you’ve used products like hair dyes.

    Toluene diisocyanate is a colourless to pale yellow flammable liquid with a sharp pungent odour. It is not classifiable as to the carcinogenicity to humans. It does not persist in the environment and is rapidly broken down in air and water. You’ve most likely been exposed to this compound before when using adhesives or varnishes. Some people maybe sensitive to toluene diisocyanate even in very small quantities and may aggravate or trigger asthma. In such a situation, it would be wise to find a replacement machine as a matter of urgency.

    To know what to do with your unique medical needs, this should be discussed with a Doctor before taking action.

    Philips have not released publicly the amounts of toluene found, so it is hard to advise how safe of dangerous it may be. What we do know is the symptoms of dangerous exposure to these chemicals are not listed in full by Philips or by the regulators, so exposure seems to be very low.

    I’ll let you decide for yourself if it’s risky or not, but at present I’m unconcerned by these chemicals.

    No permanent harm has been caused and the complaint rate is 0.03% worldwide in 2020 and 0% in the UK.

    I did buy a spare machine in case my dreamstation failed. This is a DeVilbiss sleepcube auto. I already owned it when I found out about safety notice, but carried on using the Dreamstation for around a month after. I did eventually switch to the sleepcube because I had it. I don’t think I would have gone out and bought a machine specifically to replace my dreamstation because of the safety notice, as the risk is so small.

    Most people are using these filters inline with their hose. This is because they would block particles (according to Philips’ tests), and the concern over gasses is only relevant to brand new Philips machines, but it is considered off-label usage by Philips on CPAP/BiPAP. Probably because it may require a pressure increase.

    Most people that want to buy a machine are usually in US or Australia where this is more of an issue (although still a small one). The majority seem to be buying a ResMed machine.

    - Reno


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      Good Morning,

      Thank you for your post.

      Here is a link to the Medical Device Field Safety Notice (Outside of U.S.) should you wish to register your device or have any questions -

      We have found that alot of our customers have a Philips machine and have decided to purchase a replacement machine to use until their Philips machines are repaired / replaced.

      Here is a link to the range of auto CPAP machines that we sell -
      The majority of our customers are purchasing the AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP Machine as this is the one that is the closest to the Dreamstation machine features.
      Other are purchasing the SleepCube AutoAdjust Plus Automatic CPAP Machine or the SleepStyle Humidified Auto CPAP Machine, but it depends on individual requirements and availability.



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        Thanks Reno for the reply. It is very informative