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    Hello again,

    Following my diagnosis I have an appointment on Friday with my consultant. I really wish they had told me my results on Friday rather then send me a letter, I suffer anxiety and this has made me a whole lot worse now, I am scared of going to sleep now! I also have asthma which has always been under control but my chest feels tight now, probably the anxiety.
    I was wondering if anyone else felt the same & what did they do about it? Are there any questions I should ask I have got some but with my current state I’ll probably miss a glaringly obvious one!
    Has anyone with asthma & OSA had their asthma meds changed to? I also use a nasal spray - do they do a review of all that?

    Sorry for the long post & thanks for reading

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    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your post.

    It is hard for me to comment on what questions you should ask as this can depend upon your diagnosis, and other health issues.

    If you have sleep apnoea, is it mild, moderate or severe?
    What sort of treatment and support is available to you and if so when can you start treatment.

    I would suggest keeping a pad and pen close by so if you think of anything, jot it down and ask at the appointment.

    I know you are frightened and worried about sleeping at the moment, but please try not to worry. Wait and see what the consultant says and then go from there.

    Also if you have any questions after your appointment then you can always ask us on here or private message me if you would prefer.



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      Thanks Kelly.

      I have other help issues too. My letter said moderate OSA 18 Ahi & 14 odi per hour, I’ll be happier once things are explained properly, the letter said to proceed with a cpap trail, assuming that will be this week.


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        Thank you for your response.

        Lets wait and see what they say and how soon you can start your CPAP Trial.

        If you have any questions or need any help, then you can either reply here or email me at



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