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Sleep Apnoea and Covid19

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  • Sleep Apnoea and Covid19

    Does Sleep Apnoea put us at high risk - I.e is it classed as an underlying health problem?

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    Hi Matt B, at the moment the only advice I have seen through internet searches are for people with diabetes, asthma and heart conditions and kidney disease.Nothing has been mentioned about sleep apnoea. If you do see anything let me know. On another note, I’ve been looking at CPAPs and ventilator machines. I have found some info on how to turn your CPAP into a ventilator using a bucket or plastic box. It is however the oxygen tank that is difficult to get.


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      Hi Matt - this is my concern at the moment i am self isolating but the gov guide lines are vague - im due to go back to work on tuesday but my employer is hinting they want confirmation that i am classed as vunerable - i have found information on the british lung foundation - see link - https://www.bhope this AEgIAkPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds -


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        sorry matt - wrong link - this is the correct one -


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          I have been looking into this I have obstructive sleep apnea and after researching , although it is a sleep disorder it is also classed as a chronic respitory disease . By world health organisation it’s in the registered list stating this, so I’ve come to the conclusion it comes under shielding, if u look at the uk full list of extremely vulnerable it states severe respiratory disease, by that I think it means severe o.s.a. , so if it’s not severe it will be chronic and although that’s not in the shielding listing unless u have it severe, it will be classed as high risk according to up to date recommendations that I have read, I have hypertension and mild obs, sleep apnea so it states that I have two high risk and to be stringent, I’ve also read u should speak to your co to see if u can work from home as u hi to be very careful