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Finding it a struggle.

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  • Finding it a struggle.

    Hi, newbie here just looking for advice if possible.
    I have a real problem with drooling in my sleep, especially when lying on my side. This causes major issues with it filling my mask up and constantly waking me up, which is defeating the purpose of CPAP as it seems I’m just swapping one problem for another. For some reason I just cannot sleep on my back and I just seem to lie there for hours with the mask on and not getting any sleep at all.
    I’ve been back to sleep services a couple of times and told them this problem which they tried to solve with a nasal mask but being a mouth breather that didn’t solve the issue. Each night now just brings on massive anxiety that I won’t be able to sleep with CPAP and I just end up removing it. I’m just getting to my wits end with it all, I appreciate it that it could be my fault regarding my sleeping position, so I’m looking for any advice from anyone how I can improve things.


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    Hi Vinnie I have the same problem. 3 masks later and still not joy. People say you do get use to it. To be honest I can't get passed 2 nights with it. It slips off and keeps me awake all night.


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      Good Morning,

      Thank you both for your posts.

      I have not had any customers with this issue before. However I would suggest googling "dribbling while asleep" to see what it says, or alternatively had a chat with your GP.

      Please do keep us posted on how you get on.