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still getting high AHI

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  • still getting high AHI

    This topic was originally posted by Tankster but a technical issue meant we have had to delete it and re-post it.

    I have been using a Resmed airsence 10 (no humidifier tank supplied) since late july. my AHI score has never been lower than 4 but mainly the average since I started therapy is 16.87 event per hour, I last spoke to my hospital in September. they have prolonged the trial period until late November,
    the nurse said that if things havnt settled now by then . I will need another over night study to see what is causing the events . we I thought I had already been diagnosed with OSA,/CA .The last over night test produced a result of 44 ahi. if its not Sleep apnea what else can it be . many thanks
    Tom @ Intus

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    Thank you for your post.

    The AHI target with a CPAP machine is 5 events /hour or under however achieving this is dependent of the mask fit.

    Which mask do you use? Do you have a good seal with it? You might want to consider a sizing guide to make sure that you have the correct size mask.

    You can try to watch some fitting video on line. Or you can consider the RemZzzs mask liners. This is a soft cotton fabric liner creates a barrier, absorbs skin oils and reduces air leaks as well as skin irritation and pressure marks. Try a sample pack for just 6.99.

    As I am not a medical professional, I would not be able to advise and comment you about your sleep study results but I would be doing my best for you to get on with your equipment.