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  • Eye discomfort

    Im a new user about 8 days using and Resmed airsence 10 auto and F x mirage nasal mask. I have got over the mask on the face thing and now quiet comfortable using it. However despite been assured by both the myair report and the hospital that the mask is 100% not leaking im running into this problem.
    using a ramp range 4-20 for Severe OSA (44 Incidents ph) around about an hour in to using the machine I get a uncomfortable feeling (like a popping sensation) under my right eyelid. I open my eyes and it goes away only to return almost straight away,
    I called the sleep department at the hospital I got the advice "we don't have enough data to see what's going on and to continue to use it " Despite me saying there is no way I can sleep with my eye popping away .the second bit of advice was . if it annoys me so much to discontinue with the treatment until my trial is over in late September, I was quiet shocked she offered no adjustment to ease the side effect . It was kind of like she wasn't bothered and giving up on me without trying to resolve the issue, i have bought an eye mask to see if this will help but it would appear its a pressure issue . an issue that the message I got was to like or lump it.
    Can anyone offer me some advice


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    Hi Tankster,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can I suggest that you watch a fitting video for the Mirage FX Nasal Cushion Mask to see if this helps you get a better fit, and stop the popping sensation under your eyelid, such as (I would skip to the 0.57 second mark and start from there)

    If this does not help you, then I would suggest looking for an alternative nasal mask. Have you tried a nasal pillow mask? These mask go into the nostril area rather than over the nose, so this would hopefully not have the same effect as the nasal cushion mask you are using.

    Here is a link to the range of Nasal Pillow masks that we sell -

    They are all compatible with your ResMed Airsense10 machine. We also offer the mask fit insurance of some of the mask. So for 14.99, the mask fit insurance would allow you to try the mask at home, and if it is unsuitable for any reason, then you can return the mask for a refund of the mask price.

    Please do not give up on your CPAP therapy. The key is perseverance, and once you have found the right mask for you it is a walk in the park.

    Do you want to have a look at the nasal pillow masks and let me know if you have any questions.