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    I am a 30-years-old guy and a month ago I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (35-40 AHI).

    When they first told me about the CPAP treatment I was a bit reluctant to believe it was the only option, so I asked for alternatives and I convinced my doctor to refer me to the dental hospital for a MAD (the appointment is next week).

    Since I was diagnosed I've spent quite a long time reading just about everything I find on the internet about sleep apnea, specially about alternatives to CPAP. By now, I am aware the chances of MAD curing severe apnea are pretty slim, but I want to believe my doctor wouldn't have referred me to the dental hospital if I couldn't benefit from it.

    The more I read about the symptoms, the more I realise this is greatly affecting my life - I'm always tired, my memory has never been great, and my sexual drive has reduced considerably. So I am looking forward to finding some effective treatment but I really struggle with the idea of being connected to a machine every night for the rest of my life - I'm just 30!

    This is starting to have a big impact on my mood. So far I've only told one friend and he keeps saying that I need to be more positive about it, but I really can't see the positive side in all this.

    I'm not sure why I am writing this, because I don't really have a question for you guys, and I am definitely not expecting you to have an answer for me, but here it goes...

    Thanks for reading

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    Hi Qwerty23,

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the forum.

    We also sell Mandibular advancement devices, but only recommend these to people with mild or moderate Sleep Apnoea. Here is a link to CPAP alternatives page, which might be worth a read -

    However, the gold start treatment for Sleep Apnoea, is a CPAP machine and mask. I know the sound of it puts you off, but we have seen so many of customers (of all ages) lives change for the better, once they have started their CPAP therapy.

    I would suggest trying your Mandibular Advancement Device and see how you get on. Should you change you mind and want to discuss any of the CPAP equipment we sell or have one of our customer care team walk you through the equipment then please call us on 0800 024 8050 or email us at