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New Member - Potential OSA & Next Steps?

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  • New Member - Potential OSA & Next Steps?

    Well Iíve just seen the consultant (in Manchester) and heís referred me for a sleep study from Bury although I believe it will be a home test for one night. I didnít do my homework before I saw the consultant so Iím left with a few unanswered questions - when I take the machine back the day after the first visit, how quickly do they provide the report? Once the diagnosis is confirmed (if it is OSA as he suspects), how quickly do they start treatment (presumably CPAP)?

    Now that Iíve found this forum Iíve found some useful information so Iím better informed once I get to the treatment stage (I especially note the advice re Mask, Mask, Mask!). Iíve also noted the comment re driving (not driving) and the DVLA so iíll watch out for that (is a bit of a problem for me as I often drive as part of my job and I must say that sleepiness whilst driving isnít a big problem for me..... but hey ho)

    Any advice would be very welcome

    Many Thanks,

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    Hi Boris,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I cannot comment on how long the NHS process will take as it can vary from hospital to hospital. However I can say this might take a while.

    If you are concerned about the NHS waiting time, then I can suggest doing our Detailed In-Home Sleep Test. This is a quick, confidential at home sleep test where we aim to have the results to you in 2 weeks. If the results of the sleep test are indicative of Sleep Apnoea, that this is sufficient enough documentation from you to be able to purchase an auto CPAP machine and mask from us.

    If you go down the NHS route and then still want to purchase a CPAP machine, then as long as you have a letter from your doctor/sleep clinic with your diagnosis for sleep apnoea, and that you are suitable for a CPAP machine, that will be sufficient enough documentation for you to purchase a CPAP machine.

    If at any point you would like any help with looking at the CPAP equipment, or have any questions, then please let us know