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    My husband has been sleeping with a Cpap machine for about 6 years now, it took a good six months to adjust to the machine and to be able to sleep comfortably, the forum at the time was a great help with everyone saying it will take time, how life was so much better sleeping with the mask, it was easier to read than believe at the time though.chris is an author and look for all sorts of information on sleep Apnoea when he was diagnosed, coming out this month is his new novel Apnoea , the book is fiction but the information on sleep Apnoea is all based on experience and research. A enjoyable read

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    Hi Debbi, that sounds very interesting. I'm going to move this into the Sleep Apnoea forum so more people can find out about it (the General Chat forum can only be seen by logged-in members).

    We might be able to sell the book through our website also. If this of interest please send me a private message (click here) and we'll see what we can do.
    Tom @ Intus

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      Good luck with the book.
      There are more and more potential readers these days and few books around that is a read as well as a fact book.
      Hope it works out, it takes me all my time to read posts on a forum at times.
      Could be an interesting read, hope it makes him a millionaire.
      S2S - Sleep2Snore