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  • Sheffield Northern General don't care

    I am 67yrs old disabled women and been given CPAP for last three years.This is at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

    Recently I turned up at drop in department as told to do if any issues with equipment. I struggled from day one with Leakey mask,eye issues,asthma attacks and so on.
    But I still kept trying to use this equipment.

    My visit was on a very hot day and I sat and waited in small waiting area with no air conditioning. I have angina and the heat started my angina pain. I waited around an hour and my chest pains were worsening so I walk into nursing area trying to find staff.

    From out of nowhere a mature nurse appeared I asked if she could help and I told her I was having angina pain but she didn't care. She said, just go and sit down,you will have to wait.

    ​​​​​​I had to leave before I could see anyone, I felt like I was going to passed out. I did inform the department but they couldn't have cared less.

    I reported this terrible treatment to hospital,this is second complain over bad or should I say, no help from these professionals or those claiming to be there to help patients.

    I am made to feel by these staff that all problems are my fault,I even asked to see specialist but he refuses.
    I'm no trouble maker and I'm so suspicious of this department, is it my age making them not interested???

    They said I should lose weight so I went to my GP who said I wasn't fat?

    So what's going on here and why am I and others being treated so badly over this serious condition.??

    Why when I report bad treatment and there is more,do I get letters back saying they find nothing wrong.
    Why don't the staff write down what I told them? Why are these uncaring peoples word being taken as gospel and patients words being dismissed ??
    ​​​​​​So what is being covered up by these staff? I have always found in life,if people try to gaslight me its for one of two reasons.
    1, They try to cover up their lack of knowledge.
    2,They have not done something they should have.

    Or could it be the staff are being told to treat apnea patients like dirt. In similar way,the government are treating disabled like they are worthless.

    Also what companies are these machines being purchased from?

    Are any of the executive member,owning shares in the companies supplying these CPAP machines and equipment.

    This nasty treatment is making me more determined to dig deep and find out what the truth really is.

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    Hi Gail,

    Thank you for your post.

    Although I cannot comment on the treatment you have received from your local hospital, we are happy to help you with any issues or questions you have regarding your CPAP mask and machine.

    With regards to your mask - Can you advise which one you have. Did you use a sizing guide to check which size is suitable for you? If not, then I am happy to send you a sizing guide to check you are using the correct size mask. If you are and your mask still leaks leaks, then have you tried the RemZzzs mask liners? These are a soft cotton fabric liner creates a barrier, absorbs skin oils and reduces air leaks as well as skin irritation and pressure marks. We do a sample pack of x6 for 9.99 and are worth a try as these are very popular with our customers.

    Here is a link to the product page if you would like to know more -

    If you can let me now about the mask issues you are having then I will see what we can do to help you.



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      Hi Gail,
      Is this hospital a trust or an NHS run one?
      It is always worrying when I hear of people not getting the treatment they should get. Was this a Sleep Centre Drop In or was it an emergency department.
      Sometimes I still find a lot of doctors in hospitals do not know as much about sleep apnoea as they should do.
      I was shocked when I went for surgery and they said don't worry about breathing, you will always breathe! The Anaesthetist said it was not a problem, he had equipment to keep me breathing, but then when I went down to theatre he had changed his mind on how he was going to deal with things. They didn't fill me with confidence!
      What you can do is ask to be transferred to another hospital with a Sleep Department.
      Some departments were set up in a hurry at some hospitals (like the one I go to, except it has now got its act together) using other Sleep Departments to diagnose and treat patients, only taking charge of their care of the patient after they are fitted out with CPAP and mask. Some hospitals do not have the experts they should have and a lot of doctors in the Chest/Respetory departments got lumbered with Sleep Apnoea patients. They did not have any knowledge of Sleep Apnoea, just a days course most of the time. It will all depend on the head of the department or the hospital.
      I personally had good treatment, even though I had to travel 100+ miles just to get diagnosed and treated and then go back for check ups. I also had to attend the local "TRUST" hospital for check ups as well. I still don't know if they diagnose patients there, but they do look after us and if anything is needed it is sent by post and any problems are dealt with.

      I would complain to the hospital manager and if you can find out the board if it is a "Trust" that runs it.
      Write to the manager of the hospital and complain, also ask for a transfer to another hospital, though I think Sheffield may be limited.
      A list of clinics can be found on the Sleep Apnoea Trust Website on this page:
      Have a look, there may be another one beside you.
      S2S - Sleep2Snore