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    Well after a good few years of not breathing/sleeping, I now have a CPAP machine. It took about a month to get used to it, but I now sleep right through the night (not having to pee 4 times) and feel a lot better in the mornings.

    Just about the time I got used to it, I got a severe pain in my leg, outer thigh as such for 2 nights, hurt like hell. It went away, but now I appear to have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

    Within 30 seconds of laying down in bed, my leg starts tingling, it's like pins and needles, but on a leg that's been bitten or punched. It begins to hurt unless I move my leg around. The worst part is it just means it takes me ages to fall asleep (never a problem before) and I'm beginning to feel more like when I didn't have my CPAP. I like being able to sleep, can't go back to this!

    Has anyone experienced the same thing? It literally has just been this last month. I can't even understand why it doesn't really happen when at my desk at work, but the minute I go horizontal in bed, boom, Itchy/pins&needles central.

    I called the sleep guy I spoke to at the hospital, though the next appointment he has is for September - I can't wait that long...Help me cpap forum!

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    Why does everybody associate new symptoms with starting CPAP therapy? I guess because CPAP is such a mile-stone in our lives.

    What I would do in your situation is to get advice from an expert in things medical and go see my GP.
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      I'm associating it because it happened just about the time I started sleeping properly and as its something else that affects sleep it seemed coincidental. Wanted to know if it's happened to someone else..