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  • sleapweaver

    well i have used this mask for 50 days so far its a good mask BUT
    i dont think it will last as i find myself pulling the straps more and more
    it leaks a little more too,but ill see how long i get out of it,but i dont think it will be 9 months or so as some have said,
    also sent my readings in to analize and got some good feedback,
    i have went from 87 times an hour to 4 and yes what a differance

    anyway has anyone took there machine abroad with them and did they get stopped at security,well i did,was going to slovenia and only took hand lugage
    well i could see them checking ma bag on the scanner and then they came over asked me what it was and then looked at me funny as i replied,
    not good enough, machine outcables the lot tested it for drugs even wanted to strip it down,oh no ure not i said put it through the scanner and check it
    this was the third time on this trip u can emagine i was just about to lose ma rag b4 they backed down,so have anyone else had the same problem.
    i think ill put it in the hold next time but the buget airlines charge u to much

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    If 'pulling the straps more and more' you might want to consider tthat it being a cloth mask that inflates, not hard plastic that doesn't, the more you tighten the side straps in the same manner as a plastic mask - the more likely you are to have travelled past the optimum point for the mask to fit comfortably. Travelling past this point distorts the mask and makes it leak in my experience. Depending on what generation you have you might find the top elastic a bit on the long side and head strap very long - I did and I have a big head (63).

    Try adjusting by starting over from scratch, and adjust it bit by bit at your usual night time CPAP pressure (not ramp).

    I am on my second mask and with the new headgear I think a year of wear is possible as long as washed carefully by hand and not wrung out afterwards but drip dried. I even tried to dry it in a salad spinner, but this may result in my getting a ticking off.


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      have to agree pulling strap too tight will distort it,will get myself a new one but maybe try another to see what diferance
      any sugestions please