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Stomach or bowels - red herring

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  • Stomach or bowels - red herring

    Have been on CPAP for about 8 years now and have only just had my resmed s8 changed by my clinic at Edinburgh for a S8 II. Much quieter and with the EPR a real pleasure to use. However for the past 6 months I have been suffering from symptons that require me to use the toilet at least 4 times daily instead of my regular once a day visit that had been the norm for years.
    Triggered by events that cause me hastle of an unplanned nature like car breakdowns, and any one of a myriad things that go wrong at home and require immediate attention.
    Went to see Doctor who sent me for a stomach scan which was invalidated by the large amount of gas present in my internals.
    Now due to go for a colonoscopy on the day of my 71st birthday (a black candle for a present that day eh?).
    However on reading all about bloating and "pooting" on these forums I feel that air ingestion during CPAP use could well be the culprit. No leaks from mask, pressure set at 10.4 and no ramp. I have been a great pooter since using this machine and wonder whether the feelings I am experiencing are common with other hoseheads as I often feel as though I am at deaths door and cannot get rid of the pain.
    I would be mightily relieved to find that it is just air in the guts and not something sinister (the mind can be a great tormentor at times).
    Has anyone gone through anything similar that would help.
    Poots are sometimes wet (I can see your imagination working overtime) so I am getting to be quite good at operating the washing machine
    Will certainly mention this to my specialist on the day of the examination.
    Carry on with good work.