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Fybromyalgia or CFS... Do you have it ?

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  • Fybromyalgia or CFS... Do you have it ?

    Okay so what has all this got to do with SA. and how is it a sleep disoder.

    Well I have both and what interests me is this.

    1) I quote "Good quality sleep is a bedrock of fibromyalgia treatment. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can induce fibromyalgia-like symptoms. Many people with fibromyalgia suffer from sleep abnormalities and often awake feeling as if they had not slept at all. This is called nonrestorative sleep."

    2) There is an unproven idea of sleep debt.. I think those of us who have not slept properly for years due to SA probably would think - that sounds about right.

    So every so often i see fellow sufferers saying I've been on CPAP for months and feel no better. Well The first thing is "SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE".

    But whilst your doing it.. Have a look at FS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I mention both as they overlap lots).

    Basically they are both very similar... Main symptons are :- Unrestorative Sleep (the phrase waking up feeling like you have been hit by a truck is common), Pain (muscle or Joint), Often IBS, Headaches and concentration difficulty.

    For good discriptions see.

    For CFS...

    For FM

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    sleep related conditions.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here?? I completely agree with the fibro theory. There are other conditions linked as well. Anorak that I am. Hypermobility Syndrome, Elhers Danlos Syndrome and Marfans. A lot of discussions going on. These are three different conditions along with fibro that can all be linked together with sleep apnea. More medical info is needed on these conditions. The understanding and treatments have got better over the years. It can be so easy for somone to get out the medical journal though and say I have got that, that and that. All conditions have need to have medical tests. They are rare so don't freak out. Fibro is the most common. I suggest that if anyone feels they have any of these symptoms to go to your doctor and get a proper diagnosis. There is no point in being a hypochondriac. I often find myself thinking that if someone is diagnosed with sleep apnea there should be a few tests for underlying conditions. Forgive me if I'm wrong but from my experience apnea rarely happens for no reason. Sam.


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      Hi I too am a Fibromite

      Hi All I have been Diagnosed with FMS for about 4 years

      there are some great sites out there that deal with CFS-Fibro
      I too have a heart condition as well as Fibro, I suppose as Fibro goes I am in the minority as it affects more women than men

      I too suffer occasionaly with IBS and in general feel like I have been run down by a bus!

      I am 58 so I suppose I must expect some things to start " playing up" however having a positive attitude does help , as I say you can always find others much worse off than yourself

      A good site I use is you can get regular newsletters and the site owner is a fellow fibromite

      All the best for 2012 ...... Andy


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        Hi another Fibromite here

        Hi I might be in a minority being a man with Fibro as most sufferers are women

        I was diagnose at Worthing hospital 4 years ago by a rhamatologist who done the trigger point test as well as lots and lots of questions, once diagnosed I was told theres nothing I can do about it......Thanks Doc

        Vitamin D is good for Fibro sufferers especially in the short days in winter, in the summer try to get as much sunlight as possible

        unfortnatly Fibro as you know throws up lots of different problems for each person, I did have IBS the other week however that seems to have dissapeared, for jittery RLS I have found a pillow between my legs has helped

        one great site I use is

        The site owner like us is a fibromite too and she sends out regulr newsletters on Fibro etc

        Good luck and good health in 2012 .....All the best Andy


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          Sleep problems with FMS etc

          I have found a really helpful site that might be of some use to fibro ME CFS sufferers