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  • CPAP nightmare

    Hi all, I have been off and on with my CPAP. Got diagnosed 2 years ago with sleep apnea. 2 years on I still can't get use to it. I'm a very restless sleeper. Start on my side and god knows where I end up. I am a mouth breather and have a full face mask. I have tried loads of different masks and the one I have now is mainly the best one. What I'm trying to ask,nis there anyone that has tried alternatives other than CPAP. Ie, mouth guards etc. I am mild to moderate on my side. Moderate to severe on my back. I'm struggling so much. Help

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    Good Morning

    Thank you for your post.

    If you have mild or moderate sleep apnoea, then you can try a mandibular advancement device -

    The only downside to this device is that there is no data collected to show you how well it works for you, apart from whether you feel you had a good night sleep or not.

    Can I kindly ask which CPAP machine and mask you are using and what are the issues you are encountering, in case I can suggest something to help you.