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  • Mask Leakage

    I have a full face and find it comfortable. But I do produce a lot of saliva, which becomes uncomfortable and causes air leaks. I don't use a humidifier. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your post.

    Have you tried a sample pack of RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners to see if they would help? These are a soft cotton fabric liner creates a barrier, absorbs skin oils and reduces air leaks as well as skin irritation and pressure marks. You can try a sample pack for just 6.99.

    Here is a link to the product page -

    You just need to scroll down the product page to the bottom of the page, where the compatibility chart is and find your mask / mask size to see which options you should select from the drop down menu's at the top of the page to order the right size mask liners for your mask.

    Please let me know if you try them, and how you get on.



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      Many thanks. I have a beard, so will these liners still work and give a good seal?