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AirMini - Universal CPAP Mask Adaptor

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  • AirMini - Universal CPAP Mask Adaptor

    Please advise!
    I have a problem with my Resmed AirMini. I want to connect other any mask instead the dedicated mask, all adaptors that I found are bypassing the AirMini humidifier.
    Lately, I found in eBay an Universal CPAP Mask Adaptor that I can connect directly to the AirMini humidifier.
    Is someone familiar to this Universal CPAP Mask Adaptor and recommend it?

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    Thank you for your post.

    The ResMed Airmini is designed to be used with specific ResMed masks only, so I do not think there is an adapter available that would allow you to use another manufacturers mask with it.

    Here is the contact details for ResMed, as it might be worth having a quick chat with them -



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      Thank you Kelly,
      I well understand that you must write that note, but as I already wrote:
      According to my tests, it works the same as the Air Mini specific mask, but with some loosens humidity.
      The big advantage of the normal vent mask is the ability to exhaust the air from the lung, at the same time you loose some humidity as you lose it on other CPAP mask with water tank humidity.
      Therefore I did an experiment used a medical adhesive tape to cover part of the vent holes gradually, at the end preferred not to cover at all as it gives me satisfied result in my case. It is causing me to lose in the application about 3 points score at 10.0 cmH2O pressure. This doesn't affect me at all and my sleep is excellent as you can see in the attached results.
      I don't expect anyone to approve how I feel, it's a subjective personal feeling that people may agree with me or not. I'm providing the information that I think can helps a user not companies.


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        Attached are my test results
        Attached Files