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Summer Months - Tube Temp/Humidity settings... UK

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  • Summer Months - Tube Temp/Humidity settings... UK


    Please feel free to move this to a move relevant section.

    I'm still getting the hang of CPAP treatment... in my 3rd month and first time during warmer weather.

    I've been given a AirSense 10 Autoset & AirFit F20 with a heated tube most nights I have been having cool air coming out the device which helps me sleep but last night I was struggling to fall asleep with the warmer temperature the air coming out of it felt warm and stuffy, I tried the ramp a couple of time to fall asleep but soon as the machine kicked in the warmer air woke me up. I'm struggling to get my head around humidity and tube temps, and only really fell asleep fully around 3-4 am (having to be up at 630 for work). so what I need help with... should I have my tube temp set high (can go upto 30C) to increase the moisture coming through or should it be lower (lowest is 16 [or turn it off completely?]) and just have the humidity setting set high?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Note I have tried to get hold of my sleep service but nobody is answering the phone and the email service is a minimum of 2 day reply.

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    Good Afternoon

    Thank you for your email.

    I have found the following information on the ResMed website:

    How do I find the Climate Control Manual mode?

    Air10™ users: You can access the Climate Control Manual setting anytime. From your machine’s Home screen:
    1. Select My Options
    2. Select Climate Ctrl
    3. Change default “Auto” setting to Manual
    4. Select Humidity Level and turn the dialto change the humidity (1–8; default setting is 4)
    5. Select Tube Temp and turn the dial to set the ClimateLine/ClimateLineAir heated tube to the temperature you find most comfortable (60–86⁰F; default setting is 81⁰F)
    I would suggest reducing your tube temperate as this will allow the air coming through the tube to be cooler. See how you get on and if needs be turn it off and/or reduce the humidity level too.



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      Thank you Kelly. I think I'm gonna try putting my humidifier in the fridge an hour prior see if that helps the situation.

      It seems I've gone down a rabbit hole on my googling... Would you also be able to advise on the difference of Distilled Water and Tap water? I've been told Tap water is fine but I assume that's just in the UK? If I was to go on vacation would I need to use distilled water?


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        I would not suggest putting your humidifier in the fridge as this may void the manufacturers warranty.

        Manufacturers recommend you use distilled or filtered water in your humidifier. Not tap water as this can build up limescale on your water chamber. Alternatively you can use a filtered jug or boil the kettle and wait for the water to cool down. Just not straight out of the tap.