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    hi guys I'm 40 and suspected I've had sleep apnea for atleast 20 years if not since birth, I finally went to my G.p about it and had the wrist watch test and the results was I did have it. I've been waiting for a follow up appointment for 18 months now due to covid, I've decided to go ahead and purchase a machine myself is there any particular models anyone could recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated Tim

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    I’ve just recently been diagnosed so I don’t have much experience myself, but I bought the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto and have no complaints. (sorta)

    I bought it because 1. It has an app for your phone, 2. Philips is the only brand I knew and 3. it looked pretty nice.

    The Philips dreammapper app is unimpressive and I’m a little disappointed by it. I’ve actually been using OSCAR software to read the SD card in my machine as the data is more detailed.

    Fortunately for me, when my local sleep clinic saw the results from my private sleep test, about a week or so later after the GP referral, they added me as a patient immediately. They also seem to use Philips too (not that I knew that when I bought the machine), so all I had to do was e-mail them my serial number and they can look at all my data remotely. I couldn’t have asked for better. I get to use my own machine, no nasty second hand device.

    Each sleep clinic is very different and some can be funny about what service they’ll provide if you bring your own hardware. It might be an idea to buy a cpap model your clinic is familiar with.

    Your first machine will have to be an auto. Alternatively, you could borrow/rent an auto cpap machine for a few nights to get enough data to get started on a fixed-pressure CPAP, but I’d still recommend an auto.

    The 2 main brands seems to be ResMed and Philips Resporonics. Both machines are used across the NHS.

    In my inexperienced opinion, I don’t think the machine really matters much. Afaik, they’re all class 2 medical devices, so they do what you’d expect. The real issue is finding the right mask for you.

    - Reno


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      Good Morning

      Thank you for your post.

      If you would like any help looking at the CPAP machines and masks, then please email us at and we can send you our leaflet which goes through the different CPAP machines and mask to help you buy the right one for you.

      Alternative you can call us on 0800 024 8050 and we can walk you through the equipment. We are closed over the bank holiday but back in the office Tuesday.



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        Don't buy a philips machine whatever you do. They're in full recall. If you're buying without the support of a lung clinic then I would go with the Resmed Airsense 10 as it has some intelligence with it's automatic pressure settings and may not require individualised setting.


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          Good Afternoon

          Thank you for your post.

          If you have a Philips CPAP machine, then here is a link to the Medical Device Field Safety Notice (Outside of U.S.) -

          We recommend you register your device on the above link, and have a chat with your consult about whether to continue using the machine or not.