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Unable to sleep with machine on.

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  • Unable to sleep with machine on.

    Hi, I've been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea and have been given a machine to use. Since using it, I have not had a good nights sleep. As somebody who usually sleeps 8+ hours a night, I'm only sleeping for 3. I'd appreciate any tips/advice on how to fall asleep with the machine on.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Stella,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can I kindly ask which CPAP machine and mask you are using.

    How many nights have you used it for, and what seems to be the issues that is stopping you from falling asleep or sleeping? If you can let me know as much detail as possible then I will do my best to help you.



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      Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I'm using the ResMed AirSense 10 machine and the mask is the ResMed Air Fit mask. I've been using it for a few weeks now and i'm not able to get used to it My children think that I am jumping the gun a little but as someone who is a frontline worker sleep is so important for me.

      I'm not sure exactly what the issue is but I just can't fall asleep. I don't have any issues with the mask or the noise, i'm just unable to fall asleep with it on.



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        Hi Stella,

        There is always an adjustment period when you are new to CPAP therapy, or change your mask or machine.

        I would suggest putting the mask and machine on and watching TV or reading for 30 minutes before you go to bed, to see if that helps.

        Is the machine an automatic or fixed pressure machine? (it will say auto somewhere on the machine if it is an automatic machine) If fixed pressure, then what is the pressure set at and do you have a ramp period set, and if so how long is it for?

        Have you created an account on the ResMed MyAir website, and linked your machine to your account as this would allow you to see your CPAP therapy data -

        I understand where you are coming from, and sleep is very important. I would try and persevere and it will be beneficial in the long run.



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          Thank you so much for your reassurance and for the tips.

          The machine is automatic and I was told to just press it to turn it on.

          I slept for a whole 6 hours a few nights ago so I think I'm slowly getting used to it.



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            Hi Stella,
            Which ResMed Air Fit mask are you using, there is a few of them, the biggest mistake is people tend to make their mask for to tight. You only need the mask to be as tight as stop leaks, no more.
            Some masks have a way to fit them to get the best out of them. Also, the mask is the biggest problem area and no one has yet mastered fitting the right mask to anyone yet, what suits one person will not suit another, everyone's face is not the same shape, so it may take a few masks or you find the one that suits you the bast. I think I had just about every mask that was made when I started out. I was just determined that it was going to work for me. Now I am partly discharged from the Sleep Clinic as I did so well they don't want to see me for at least 6 years, even then it is just to check if I need anything and to check over the machine.
            I found that even with an auto machine it is a lot easier if the low and normal running pressures are not to far apart.
            I.E. I think my one runs at 13.4 normally and the low is set to 11.2 or something close to that. The reason is that the machine when it reacts to an event I am having it is quicker giving me the flow and pressure I need. If it were say 6 in low pressure it has to build up the flow and pressure, which takes a few seconds, this can disturb me when the machine jumps in pressure.
            I have the machine at 11.2 low to 20 high, it is left full open as it will not rise up to 20 if not required, most modern machines will not go high like the old ones, so leaving it at 20 is not a problem.
            If you look on YouTube you will find someone demonstrating how to fit your mask properly. Look for Lanky Lefty is the link to his channel where he has most masks However, it does take a bit of time to get used to a machine blowing air at you all night, so sometimes it is worth sitting in the evening with the machine and mask on, just so you get used to it being there. Start with the mask only (No hose connected if you have problems) with the machine, then progress to having the machine and mask on and the machine running. If you have a humidifier turn it to the middle setting and work up or down from there to suit. If you haven't got one and feel dry throat and breathing tubes consider getting one, it is well worth it.
            Clinical Menu and FULL manual can be downloaded from here However, if you are not sure what you are doing, ask someone who does know, but all the setting are there, so download it for future reference. If you got your machine from the NHS since Covid it may not even be set up. My mate got a new ResMed AirSense10 from a Sleep Clinic, NHS and he was told they were not allowed to set it up due to Covid, all the nurse was allowed to do was hand it to him and the machine would adjust itself (that's what he was told, so it will to some extent, but it will be slow to do it every night) he just was not getting sleep. He phoned me after three nights, his first words were "HELP, I can't use this new machine. So I asked him what his old machine used to sit at "16.5" so I told him how to set the machine to best affect. He phoned me back after a week to say it was working brilliantly but he wanted to see how he was doing and how could he do that. Well it is a small adjustment in the Clinical Menu and he can see how he did that night or over the last month.
            He now says it feels like a different machine all together since I told him how to set it up. Luckily he does not need a more complicated machine like an ASV. It is a whole new ball game!
            If you need any help do not be afraid to ask, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If there was my mate must have asked me them all lol.
            It is the start of a long journey, but you can make it a lot easier by making up your mind that it is going to work for you and getting stuck in. However, there is a lot of tips that make things easier, so do not be afraid to ask.
            I hope this has been of some help and a bit f an inspiration to others reading this. Looking through Lanky Lefty's videos will fid the mask you have and might inspire you to try another type it the one you have is not working for you. I went through a LOT of masks before I got one to work for me. After that I never looked back.
            Take care out there and stay safe.
            S2S - Sleep2Snore


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              Hi Stella,

              You are more than welcome

              As you have an auto CPAP machine all you need to do it pop the mask on and then turn the machine all and go to sleep. The machine does all the hard work for you.

              Getting 6 hours of sleep is great. You will adjust to using the CPAP equipment, just keep going.

              If you have any questions, or if we can be of any assistance in the future then just let us know.