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Should I buy a CPAP machine?

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  • Should I buy a CPAP machine?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm brand new here and looking for some advice. I've had a letter saying my sleep test revealed "severe obstructive sleep apnea". I've phoned the hospital who will phone me back in 2-3weeks with next steps.

    With that I'm looking for some advice...
    - Should I just go ahead and buy my own CPAP machine to save all of the hassle of waiting for the hospital?
    - Are machines supplied by the NHS any good?

    If I'm honest I just want to get things moving so I can get some sleep! But if the best course of action is to wait it out then I guess I will.


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    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your post.

    Did the hospital inform you that you need a CPAP machine or did they not mention what the next steps would be?

    If they suggested a CPAP machine, then I can happily help you look at the range of CPAP machines and masks to get you started if you wish to purchase one.

    Can I suggest that you email me a copy of your sleep test results to contact@intushealthcare and then I can send you an introduction to CPAP machines and mask to walk you through the equipment, and advise timings. Then should you wish to purchase a machine and mask, then you are in a position to do so.



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      Hi, I had a sleep study done via my local NHS hospital which showed i had sleep apnea. Within a couple of days they provided me with a brand new top of the range CPAP machine, I definitely wouldn't recommend you purchase one until you have at least spoken to them, also, I believe they set the machine up for you to suit your own personal requirements.