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Is my Humidifier Working?

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  • Is my Humidifier Working?

    Hi All

    I have just been given a new Philips DreamStation Machine with Humidifier by my NHS clinic. I have filled it with water correctly and had the machine on for three nights now but the water level has not dropped at all. I am wondering if it is working
    The settings are:
    Preheat set to off
    Humidification set to Adaptive
    Humidifier dial set to 3 out of a maximum of 5

    There are no error messages or warnings appearing when I use the machine but I am puzzled as to why the water level has not dropped

    Anyone any ideas please

    First post so be gentle :-)


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    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your post.

    Firstly I would suggest disconnecting and reconnecting the humidifier to the CPAP machine.

    In the user manual on page 9 is shows you the Menu Navigation (Therapy ON) and Optional Humidification Settings. You can only view the humidifier settings if the humidifier is connected. So if you can see these settings, this is a good start.

    Do you have a standard tube or a heated tube? If you have a heated tube then you can adjust the tube temperature settings from 0 to 5

    On the humidifier settings you can change the settings from 0-5. Setting 5 offers the greatest amount of moisture

    On page 10 of the manual is provides you with preheat the water tank for up to 30 minutes prior to use. Can you see this setting in the "my Info" section"?

    This video might help you with the humidification settings -

    If this does not help then I would suggest contacting Philips customer services on 0800 1300 845.

    Please let me know how you get on.



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      Hi Kelly
      Thank you for your kind and helpful reply. I have disconnected and reconnected a few times and I can see the humidifier settings. Standard tube fitted. I had the pre-heat on for about 3 mins the other night and it started to get warm so that suggests the heat plate is working. I was wondering if the fact the water had not gone down could have a logical explanation that didn't include a fault! I am avoiding ringing anyone as long as I can because I have a hearing disability and phones are a total nightmare unless the other person speaks clearly which more than 75% don't :-) Mike


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        Hi Mike,

        Philips advised that Adaptive - Goes as per ambient room temperature, whereas Classic - will go to whatever he has set it at?

        They generally recommend turning the humidifier to classic and amend the setting to 3 to start with.

        Please let us know if that helped you.



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          I have found if you have any dryness feeling at all to turn OFF ADAPTIVE and set it at a medium level and go up or down depending on how dry you feel in your breathing tubes (as it were).
          I tried Adaptive and it just doesn't work for me. Might be fine in more humid climates, but it didn't work and I woke up struggling to breath.
          S2S - Sleep2Snore


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            Hi Mike,

            Have you tried the classic mode yet? Do you see the water level has gone down in the morning?

            When and where did you get your equipment from? You might want to have your humidifier looked at if you do not feel its benefit.