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Regular tests for electrical safety: what might happen without such tests?

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  • Regular tests for electrical safety: what might happen without such tests?

    I suppose the most common effect of an electrical issue is that the machine simply stops working. But I'm wondering, could it be actually dangerous for the user and if so, how exactly? (I'm thinking of the machine sending abnormal/dangerous amounts of air or some other similar catastrophic scenario)

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    Hi Draikin1,

    Thank you for your post.

    Millions of people have used CPAP, and we've never seen any issues of this nature reported, so if there is a risk, it would seem to be minimal to non-existent. Philips or ResMed may have actual data on this but we're not privy to that.



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      OK, thanks a lot!


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        The only real risk is the motor sending fumes down the hose if it starts to burn out. It might not last long as the machine might stop working anyway. The chances are you would waken up very quickly if something happened. All the years I have used one I have motors go faulty and machines go faulty and never had any problems with anything reaching me at all. If the board went up in smoke, it might release nasty fumes, but that would cause the machine to fail, This would result in you waking up very quickly, as when a power cut happens, most people wake almost instantly, so there is really nothing to worry about. The phone in your pocket is about 100 times more likely to cause you injury if things go wrong with it.
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