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CPAP machines Chelmsford Broomfield/Mid Essex Health Trust

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  • CPAP machines Chelmsford Broomfield/Mid Essex Health Trust

    I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago but have something like a 3 month wait from Mid Essex Health Trust to get a CPAP machine. Is there anyone out there who has been supplied from MEHT and can tell me if there is one standard machine they use? And if so what it is?

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    Hi Angusjt,

    Thank you for your post.

    I would suggest asking the Mid Essex Health Trust what CPAP equipment they provide?

    If there is a 3 month waiting list before you to get your CPAP equipment, would you consider buying a CPAP machine or mask privately? If so, all we would need is a letter form your doctor with your diagnosis for sleep apnoea, and that you are suitable for a CPAP machine. if so then here is a link to our website -

    If you would like any help looking at the CPAP machines and mask, then please let me know or you can call us on 0800 024 8050.