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ResMed S9 battery or portable unit for travel

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  • ResMed S9 battery or portable unit for travel


    Posting on behalf of my partner who currently uses ResMed S9 machine.

    We are travelling long haul in 2 weeks time. 2 flights each way. Given timings, we should be sleeping on 2 of the 4 flights.

    He does not medically require the use of the machine however we're travelling business class and although I can easily bring earplugs, it would not be fair to other passengers if he was sleep without the machine given the snoring. I would also much prefer he gets a decent sleep so we can get out and about after landing.

    Have spoken with sleep clinic who say they used to lend out battery packs or portable units for travelling with but no longer so this.

    They mentioned there may be forums where others may have travel packs they would be willing to lend for this purpose.

    So...does anyone have such a device? Ideally a battery pack so current machine can be used. We've been told the official battery is 400+ so pricey for around 10 hours use.

    Any help much appreciated!


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    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your post.

    If you need a battery that you can power your ResMed S9 CPAP machine from then I would suggest looking at the following products:

    1. Tracer 12v Compact CPAP Battery -

    If you scroll down the product page, you will need to look at

    a: Included with your Tracer battery - this includes a bullet right angle to 12v socket which connects the battery to the 12v DC cable which you will also need to purchase.

    b. Estimate running times - The ResMed CPAP machines are quite power hungry, so use the battery up faster. If you look at the table, this will show you a rough estimate of how long the battery will last with your CPAP machine and pressure requirements.

    c. Which 12V DC cable do you need
    In order to connect the battery to your CPAP machine, you would need to purchase the S9 Converter cable (Product code 36970), which is only available from ResMed directly

    If you do purchase a battery and 12v DC cable for you flight, I would recommend purchasing it before you fly, so you have enough time to fully charge it and use it a few times in the comfort of your own how, so you know how long the battery will last for you. Please note if you currently use a humidifier, then this will need to be disconnected before you use the battery as humidifier can only be used off the mains electricity.

    Please ensure that you check in advance with the airline you are flying with that it is okay to use the CPAP machine and battery on the flights, so there is no issues on the day of your flight.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



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      Can someone tell me what to do bout being stopped up every day after useing cpap total head congestion please help


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        Hi Donah,

        Thank you for your post.

        Can you give me abit more detail, and I will see how I can help you.