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Philips Introduce the DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machine & DreamStation Go Battery

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  • Philips Introduce the DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machine & DreamStation Go Battery

    The DreamStation Go's compact footprint and revolutionary micro-flexible tubing, offers high performance PAP therapy in a device that easily stows in existing baggage.

    • The DreamStation Go weighs under just 0.8kg, and is 15x15x6cm in size.
    • Half the size and weight of the standard DreamStation
    • Built-in power supply - so there's no power brick to carry along with it.
    • Colour touchscreen offers quick, simple setup and easy navigation
    • Built-in USB port for mobile phone charging
    dreamstation go.jpg

    Accompanying the introduction of the DreamStation Go is the DreamStation Go Overnight Battery

    • The battery itself weighs 700 grams, and the combined weight when connected to the DreamStation Go is just 1.6kg.
    • DreamStation Go set at 10cmH2O displayed an average run time of 13 hours when running off the overnight battery. Pressures above 10cmH2O will see usage times reduced but still long enough for a good night's sleep; lower pressures may just get a second night.
    • The DreamStation Go Meets FAA requirements (90W lithium ion battery pack) so can be transported and used on airlines if you have their prior approval.

    With the popularity of the Dreamstation Auto, will we see the same for the Dreamstation Go? If you have any comments or questions on the Dreamstation Go products, then please do let us know.

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    I recently purchased a Go as a travel system, as my work takes me away from home a lot, and often at very short notice.

    I was initially wary of using a device without humidification, but after testing my current system (REMStar Auto) minus the humidifier for a few nights, I decided that I could easily manage without it.

    Upon delivery, first impressions of the device were all about quality. It was well packaged, and came with full hardcopy manuals. The device really is tiny in comparison to my main device, and as the power supply is integral, there is no power brick to find space for. Packing the whole device and accessories is easy, as it takes up around a quarter of thr space of the REMStar. Even with the (optional at around 300) battery, it takes up far less space.

    The materials used for the case seem solid and well made, and the touch-screen is clear and responsive with an intuitive scroll menu.
    Setup was very quick and easy, but maybe harder if you're not used to touchscreen menu-style devices. Pairing with a phone via Bluetooth is straightforward, and allows you to monitor your sleep patterns via the Dream Mapper App, downloadable from Google Play or iTunes.

    Noise levels are very low, so the device can be placed on a bedside cabinet with no vibration hum at all. There is a USB outlet built in, which allows a mobile phone to be charged (minor niggle though; it's been placed upside down!)

    The new 12mm hose coupling is very secure, and the hose itself is extremely light and flexible, helping with mask fit and comfort. Aside from the touchscreen, the only other control is a "soft" button to start/stop therapy. This is my only other issue with the device; I would have preferred real buttons that are easier to locate by touch, especially when the device is placed at head level. It means that you have to pretty much wake up fully to see the start/stop and ramp reset buttons, which for me is a real issue, as it can greatly affect the duration of my therapy each night.

    All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who needs a travel or backup device, despite the fairly high cost; it really has transformed the way I travel.