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"Simple mode" and "Advanced mode" on the " F & P Icon + Auto"

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  • "Simple mode" and "Advanced mode" on the " F & P Icon + Auto"

    It would seem that I have only the "simple mode" on my new machine (F & P Icon + Auto). A note in the manual says that the advanced mode "may be restricted by your health care provider". Assuming the advanced mode has not been restricted by anyone, how do I get the advanced mode to function? Is it already loaded onto the machine's hard-drive (or chip, or whatever), and can be installed by myself, or a technician say, or do I need to get the machine replaced? ( I do not see my ENT consultant again for three weeks hence my looking for some advice in the meantime.) Thanks for any info.

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    I will PM you. I would not interfere with it if it is an NHS machine. See the consultant when you go back.
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      Thanks for the info. It's a machine that I bought brand new by the way.