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    Hi All
    congrats on a great forum a lot of useful info and a great deal of support on offer.

    I had my appt at UHSM on Thursday, was diagnosed as having severe OSA (over 200 per night) and prescribed a CPAP machine. I had an appointment for Feb7th and also went on a cancellation list, I had a call on Fri AM saying they had had a last minute cancellation and did I want to come in. I was pretty much at the hospital before they had put the phone down and came home yesterday afternoon with my shiny new Resmed S9 with mirage quattro full face mask.
    I had my first night last night and I was ready to throw the unit through the windows by 3AM when I had pretty much woken up every hour to a loud rushing noise, which I assumed was caused by mask leakage.

    Disheartened this morning I started trawling the internet to see if I could interrogate the machine and downloaded the ResScan software.

    having looked at the stats it would appear that I didn't have anything like as bad a night as I thought I had: -
    1.5 obstructive and .6 central per hour, hypopnea 1.4, ahi 3.5
    median leak of 1.2 L/min (12.0 95th percentile)
    pressure 12.2median 17.2 95th percentile

    My question therefore is can anyone help me work out why I was waking up so often and what was causing the air to rush so loudly?

    Other than the waking and a slightly sore throat I have to say I have felt pretty good today, I have been up since 06:00 and not had a nap (quite remarkable), I didn't have a headache when I awoke, and I have felt a lot less irritable than normal



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    I only use a quattro when I have a cold so someone else will talk you through that aspect better than me.
    What I suggest you recall uppermost in your mind is that what you are using as a reference point in memory as a satisfying night's sleep prior to CPAP - when you went to bed and woke 8 hours or so later and don't remember waking up in-between, you were actually woken 200 times. Whereas on CPAP, because you were aware of being woken it was frustrating but you only woke up less than ten times - so had much more actual sleep, and that actual sleeep threaded together etc.
    Recognising this helps because it may take some time to get used to the kit and you may have worse nights than last night. Hang in there and best of luck.


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      You had a rought night? Seriously, could you expect a perfect one - having strapped a mask over your face (no doubt too tightly) and then breathed compressed air through a six foot hose? For the first time!

      You did marvellously!! 3.5 on Night 1! I only hope that lasts.

      Noise - try fitting the mask way before bed time, as loosely as possible without leaks.Knock it about a bit - as moving head against pillow. The art of PAPing is in getting the mask to fit comfortably and leak free.

      Respironics REMstar 'M' Series APAP.
      Resmed Mirage 'Quattro FX' Full Face Mask with a 'Quattro' headgear.


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        Thank you very much for the replies and encouragement,I suspect there is more than a slight element of "leak paranoia" creeping in here.

        2nd night fewer waking moments, but did keep myself awake worrying about whether the mask is leaking or not.

        stats even better than night 1
        1.2 obstructive and .4 central per hour, hypopnea 1.6, ahi 3.4
        median leak of 0.0 L/min (12.0 95th percentile)

        thanks again!


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          This is the stuff of ducks to water!
          Respironics REMstar 'M' Series APAP.
          Resmed Mirage 'Quattro FX' Full Face Mask with a 'Quattro' headgear.


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            You are doing really well, make sure you degrease the mask daily. I find that grease & oil from your skin causes leaks. Dont forget that the exhaust port makes a bit of noise which counts like a leak.
            Ive just had two nights in a hotel & didnt take my machine and slept terribly. Wont leave it behind again!