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  • Machine Upgrade / Renew

    I been using a CPAP machine for a few years and thinking its time I changed for a newer one.
    At present I'm using a S8 Spirit and thinking of the new S9 Autoset + H5i humidifer.
    I understand the new S9 is quieter but noise hasnt been a problem - the wife is just so pleased I dont snore now!!
    Can anyone let me knoe how they are getting on with their S9 Autoset.

    Many Thanks

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    s9 autoset

    Bought one about 3 months ago; much prefer it to the (NHS supplied) S8 elite I had before
    ResMed S9 Autoset with humidifier and ClimateLine
    ResMed Mirage Liberty and Quattro Air masks


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      S9 + H5i Humidifier

      Well I've gone and done it
      Spent my money and bought the Resmed S9 and humidifier.
      Using the Swift Pillows mask
      Used it for the first time last night - so quiet - I had to lift the mask just to check it was working.
      Think I was receiving more air not as much escaping even though the mask is still the same. Will I be more awake than ever.


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        Hi ibosscat, hope you enjoy your new machine, I have been using the same equipment for the past two months and find it very quiet.



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          S9 +H5i Upgrade

          All seems to be going well with the new set up. Not sure that the new S9 machine is as strong / robust as the old S8 Autoset.
          Just been on a foreign holiday and I took the old machine - just in case!!
          In fact the old blue S8 bag is much more practical than the new S9 black bag.
          The old blue bag carries so much more when on holiday. It may not be as posh but