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  • humidifier question

    OK i guess i should have asked this back in 2009 when i first started to use a humidifier. But i did ask the sleep clinic what they told me still not worked. I did try from 1 to 5 setting thats the warmest every night to see what setting suite me, and i have a hose lift, but i still feel very dry in the morning and it is waking me up. I found sleeping on back is the worst, when i sleep on my side i get a bit of moist from the humidifier but i hate sleeping on my side to much but i still wake up dry.

    It has now got to the stage where my teeth are now in danger has i have no moist in my mouth i have to see the dentist every 2 weeks for the next 3 months to keep an eye on my teeth, my DR has gave me a fake saliva spray to use when i wake and also to use in the day to try and moist my mouth to help my teeth. Also i am type 2 dietetic so i am not sure if that is linked to why of the problems but my sugar levels are always kept to a normal level has i watch what i eat and my medication helps. Am i doing something else wrong all of this time,i have had my humidifier changed more then ones in a year has the hospital thought maybe it was faulty. I came on here to ask has i have had more positive feedback from you nice people then from my own sleep clinic. Im soooo tired since i had my machine changed over on the 28th july (yearly check of the machine) that is when it got worst, i am so tired it got to the stage where i am ripping my mask off has i am so dry and it keep waking me up,or my partner wakes me has i am snoring with out using my machine.

    Any ideas guy? has i do wish for a little more sleep.

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    Out of curiosity, does the water level in your dehumidifer go down over night?
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      Make sure you drink plenty during the day, if you are dehydrating in the night try a drink before bed (not alcohol or caffeine of course!).

      Also are you using a full face or a nasal mask, and have you tried swapping mask type? Nasal will cause a very dry mouth if you open your mouth while asleep...


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        Hi ElleCee yes the water does go down.Sometimes it goes half way,but some mornings it empty? and i am still dry.

        Hi symmit. I have try the water thing also.I use to be addicted to the coke drink for many years, i give that up when i found i was dietetic last year in August time. I don't drink tea or coffee i never was a fan so i have no caffeine in my system, i gave alcohol up in 2009 when i was over weight and found i had sleep apnea to help the weight loss i never touch a drop since apart from non alcohol free beer wine ect but i only had 3 of them drinks since new year, i now drink no sugar juice or water. I have a full face mask that still does not work i have not used that for a wile has i was dry, but im also using a mouth mask now with the nasal pillows that i have been using for over a year to see if that worked but its not.
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          Hi sheffgal

          The bad news is that if you mouth breathe for eight hours you are, in all probability, going to get a dry mouth, even with a humidifier.

          Sleeping on your back will probably increase your AHI and encourage mouth breathing.

          Have you tried a chin strap?

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            Dry Mouth

            Hi Gal--If you are using a nasal mask then I suggest that you try the chin strap with it. Sounds like you are opening your mouth while breathing and that will cause a very dry mouth. Worse if you are sleeping on your back. Are you aware of having any nasal congestion when you wake up? Sometimes if one side closes or partly closes-- then you automatically open your mouth to help get enough air. Check your nose when you wake up to see if its partially blocked, and if so, use a nasal spray to open that side. If you are consistantly blocked then you might want to flush your sinuses before going to bed. There are several ways to do that--the old fashioned way by snuffing warm salted water up your nose, using a neti pot, or sinu-plus machine. There are also things you can buy at the market that moisten your mouth and throat. A sip of equal parts honey and water might help if your diabetes is under control. My guess is that you have a slight congestion that you are not aware of. Good Luck--hope you'll soon be sleeping thru the nite. xx Berneta


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              Hi Tigers Fan, My partner says this also about maybe my mouth open to much has i do breath and snore via my mouth, but i don't notice,my mouth is in the mask when i wake so it probably closed when i wake up. But im going to see the sleep clinic on Thursday and i will ask about these chin straps and see if they can supply me with one,again they never asked if i or my partner has noticed if my mouth drops wile i am asleep or asked if this happens, they just swap it over for a new humidifier thinking it maybe at fault, if not i will have to try and find a chin strap on line.Im going to see if they can supply me with an A pap machine,has when i used the hospital one it was fab i got the best sleep ever i dint need a humidifier in the two weeks i used it,but since using a c-pap i had to.I read on line that some C-pap users don't get on very well with them,what i am reading about them i to have the same problems, i am getting sleep when im not waking up, but i am always feeling tired still when i have had plenty of sleep. thanks for your help.

              Hi Berneta, the only thing i notice about my nose is that always my left nostril is more runny and got a tickle inside for a few hours after use,my right nostril is normal but it is always my mouth that is dry the most, but i will try a nose spray to see if that helps the congestion,also a chin strap.But thank you for your help also,i will keep all what you said that may help if the spray don't help.