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    Hi All.

    Been reading some of your posts and I think at last I've found somewhere with some fellow sufferers that actually know what they are talking about.

    Here's a bit of my history.

    Was diagnosed with OSA in 2002 after a rather unsuccesfull visit to my GP. I had just bought a house with my then partner who mentioned the fact that she was overjoyed that we had a spare bedroom as my snoring was driving her nuts. Went to my GP who suggested, and I kid you not, that I
    A/ sew a tennis ball into the back of a night shirt to stop me sleeping on my back
    B/ seal my mouth shut with duct tape.

    Needless to say I insisted that the Practice manager refer me to a sleep unit.

    After a test session with the monitor unit i had a consult and was told that my sleep was being interupted 75-85 times an hour (not sure where that places me on the OSA Scoreboard?). I won't go into the details of my symptoms at that time, needless to say that falling asleep whilst telling my consultant that i don't fall asleep during conversation was a bit embarassing. I promptly received my ResMed machine, it was an S7 i think, and have enjoyed a better life since. Now to my current problem.
    Since moving from England to Cyprus my UK Health Authority S7 packed up. I had to return it so chose at that time to purchase my own CPAP from a supplier here. As I'm sure you all know getting a CPAP machine privately can be a bit of a trial, even more so in a foreign country.Eventually I found a local supplier and bought the ResMed S8 Escape and have used it since. That is untill it recently broke down. I mean completely. Motor turbine, main PCB, everything (well my supplier does tell me that it has done 15,650 hours) so mayby it's time for a new one.

    Here's the question. Do I
    A/ Replace my S8 Escape with the same model ( for 550 Euros) or do I
    B/ Upgarde to the Resmed S9 Escape CPAP including UM/ii Mask (for 650 Euros)?
    Is the S9 any better?

    What do you think. Bite the bullet and get the newer version? Is it that much better than the previous version?
    Let me know what you think. I value your opinion.

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    It's a no brainer!

    Respironics REMstar 'M' Series APAP.
    Resmed Mirage 'Quattro FX' Full Face Mask with a 'Quattro' headgear.


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      Heard mixed results with the S9. So I'd say, if you liked the S8, then why not stick with it?


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        Originally posted by James @ Intus View Post
        Heard mixed results with the S9. So I'd say, if you liked the S8, then why not stick with it?
        Thanks for your thoughts. I have decided to give the S9 a go this time, with a view to buying another S8 in the new year as a back up machine. Nothing ventured, as they say.


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          S9 versus S8

          I bought an S9 Autoset to replace an NHS S8 Cpap recently for two reasons:

          1) to obtain the statistics to help me find out why I was still sleeping badly
          2) the anti-rainout system

          Was amazed to discover that I actually got a better nights sleep with the S9. After looking at the stats (using the ResMed Clinicians program) I can see that my pressure is varying between 4 & 6 and never getting close to the 10 that the hospital set my S8 cpap to. This of course makes it much quieter and reduces the blast; the other half says this is a great improvement.

          Wish I'd done it ages ago.
          ResMed S9 Autoset with humidifier and ClimateLine
          ResMed Mirage Liberty and Quattro Air masks