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Phillips dreamstation auto cpap and humidifier

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  • Phillips dreamstation auto cpap and humidifier

    i was diagnosed with OSA in Oct 2019.
    i wake up with a dry mouth so I decided to add a humidifier.
    The only problem I have encountered is my AHI have increased ranging from 5.8 to 6.4
    im still trying different settings and making notes of my AHI.
    Does anybody have any tips or experience the same issues.



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    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can I ask what mask you have? Do you get a good fit / seal with is?

    The target AHI with a CPAP machine is 5 or under, so you are not far off this.

    As you have a Dreamstation CPAP machine, can I kindly ask if you have created an account on the website or app and linked your machine via bluetooth so that you can see your data?

    If not, then I would suggest doing this and you can upload the data from your SD card.

    If you have, then if you would like create a summary report, and email it to me at, I would be happy to look at the data to see what is going on, and to see if I can suggest anything to improve your AHI, and you CPAP therapy in general.