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The pneumatics of CPAP special the function of the mask and the administered air

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  • The pneumatics of CPAP special the function of the mask and the administered air

    I am a retired Engineer specialised in pneumatics, air currents, airflow, air volume and air pressures.
    A year ago I was advised after one night of sleep test in the hospital to start a CPAP treatment
    After a few weeks of using, my experience of the past allowed me to define the defects in the CPAP system, especially the mask, causing the discomforts in general.
    I am analyzing here a full face mask.
    Two airstreams should be considered as mainstream, first, the airstream to breath and second the airstream to refresh and mix the two to become full oxygenated air to inhale.
    In the mask, body is also an air escape to let the airstream out because if you leaf no air out no fresh air can enter in. So far no problem, the problem starts if you determine where the air is blown into the mask, and to what, the airstream is directed, The airstreams are always directed to and in the nose and mouth, now taken in consideration that a person in rest (sleeping) is using about 6 litres a minute, but that in the mask enters 30 to 40 litres air depending from brand to brand, this is 5 to 7 times more.
    This is under the condition that no leaks are appearing otherwise the ratio of 1/5 or 1/7 will deteriorate
    All these observations gave me the inspiration to seak after a solution and I found it.
    With my 3d printer, I printed an insert to mount in the air orifice on the inside of my mask, redirecting the airflow away from nose and mouth, against the inside wall of my mask.
    This simple construction was a solution for all discomforts caused by the wrong way of administering the air in the CPAP mask.
    Like dried out mucous membranes, a tongue like leather, sore throat, and under certain conditions, I could lower or stop my heated water reservoir.
    I am so enthusiastic about it, if someone asks me to print one for him I do this and send it to him or here without costs.
    If you need one send me an email :