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CPAP power whilst Camping - Solar or Generator

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  • CPAP power whilst Camping - Solar or Generator

    Hi, im a new member to this Forum. Has anyone overcome the issue of wild camping using either solar power or a generator to provide the power for their CPAP . If so can you advise on trusted methods , Thanks all

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    Hi Sandra,

    Welcome to the forum, and thank you for your post.

    Have you considered using a battery to power your CPAP machine whilst you are camping?

    Some CPAP machines have specific batteries for their machines. Alternatively we sell 2 batteries that can be used with most CPAP machines:

    1. Tracer 12v Compact Battery Pack
    2. Tracer 12v Ultra CPAP Battery Pack

    I would suggest clicking on each of the battery products pages and look at the following sections

    a. Included with your Tracer battery - this shows you what comes with the battery packs
    b. Estimated running times - this will show you how long you can expect the battery to last for your CPAP machine and pressure requirements
    c. Which 12c DC cable do I need? - You need a 12v dc cable to connect the battery to your CPAP machine. This will help you to identify which cable you need for your CPAP machine.

    Please have a look at the links to both battery pages, and let me know if you have any questions.



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      Hi, does it recharge from a main power point ? I have a resmed 9 escape , is it compatable ?


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        Hi Sandra,

        The Tracer batteries come with a mains charger and DC vehicle charger to charge the battery with.

        Both batteries are compatible with the ResMed S9 Escape. You would just need to purchase the S9 12v DC Converter cable (product code 6970) which is only available from ResMed directly.

        Please just check the estimate running times for both batteries for the ResMed S9, as this particular CPAP machine is quite power hungry and will use the battery power up quicker than some of the other CPAP machines. Please ensure that if you have a humidifier that this is disconnected before you use the battery. Humidifier should only be run off of mains electricity.

        Please note that the Tracer Compact battery is allowed on airplanes due to airline restrictions, where as the Tracer Ultra is not allowed on the planes, or for us to delivery outside of the UK.

        Should you purchase the battery, we would recommend that you fully charge the battery and use it for a few nights in your order how, so that you are comfortable with how it works, and how long it will last for you.

        Please let me know if you have any questions.